Endorsed NHS Conflict Resolution

We currently deliver the endorsed McCormack Training Conflict Resolution Model, who have found that the most popular course they deliver is conflict resolution and, as a member of the Institute of Conflict Management, supporters of the National Standards laid down by NHS Protect. We recommend that NHS frontline healthcare professionals attend conflict resolution workshops.

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This course is certified by McCormack Training Ltd.

Learning outcomes you will be able to:

  • Describe the common causes of conflict including those faced by the elderly, people with dementia/delirium and learning difficulties
  • Describe different forms of communication
  • Give examples of communication breakdowns
  • Explain different methods of communication models that can assist conflict resolution
  • Describe patterns of behaviour you may encounter during different interactions
  • Explain the warning and danger signs
  • Give examples of distance when dealing with conflict
  • Give examples of impact factors
  • Describe different methods for dealing with possible conflict situations
  • Explain the use of ‘reasonable force’ as it applies to conflict resolution

This one day course is fully certified by ONE Awards (part of the NOCN Group), awarded through McCormack Training Ltd., and taught by fully qualified instructors. Course dates for Conflict Resolution are available upon request and require a minimum of six candidates for the course to be held.

This one day course can also incorporate the Level 2 Physical Intervention Disengagement techniques for those working in a higher risk environment.

The price for Conflict Resolution is from £80 + VAT, for Conflict Resolution with disengagement techniques is from £120 + VAT.

*Additional charges may be incurred dependant on location and additional resources required.

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